Selling Tips

Smart selling tips from the JR Hunt team:

Prepare for SALE

Whether it’s the beloved family home of many years or property purchased purely for investment purpose, the decision to sell can be a difficult and prompted by the need of a lifestyle change or investment strategy.

Let J R Hunt Real Estate work with you through the process. 

  1. Determine the best method of sale - The decision as to go auction or private treaty is made based on property type, current market conditions and buying trends and your J R Hunt sales personal will guide you in the right direction.
  2. Price Expectation – the all-important bottom line. You may have had a valuer provide a figure based on location, land size, age and features.  Your J R Hunt agent will be able to provide a price guide based on not just the property specifics but the current buying trends and local market activity. 
  3. Prepare the contract for sale – your lawyer or conveyancer will need to prepare a contract of sale for the property.  This will include all of the details prospective purchasers will need to including details of the owners, title, settlement dates, all conditions of the sale and what is included in it ( for example carpet, window furnishings, dishwasher)
  4. On the market – your J R Hunt team will arrange for professional photography and advertising both in print and online.  Our property are featured bot only on the J R Hunt real estate website but on Australia top 2 property search engines and to ensure the greatest reach to potential buyers.
  5. Property showings – Saturday property inspections still today gain the greatest foot traffic however the J R Hunt team understands that people have busy lifestyles so to accommodate all potential purchasers we provide mid-week inspections and where possible by appointment viewings.  
  6. Time to negotiate – The J R Hunt team’s ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible sale price for you our valued client. We will mediate between you and your buyer/s to reach the desirable and mutually accepted sale price.
  7. Under Contract - Once you have accepted ab offer or sold at auction your conveyancer will prepare your final contract and the buyers will pay a deposit.   Before settlement both you the vendor and the purchaser’s lawyers and banks will work out the details to ensure both partied meet all legal and financial requirements.
  8. Settlement day – You relinquish the keys and rights to your property.  It was a pleasure for the J R Hunt team to provide you our professional services and look forward to working with you again in the future.

The experienced and professional J R Hunt team will prepare all advertising and marketing to ensure the best “first impression” to your potential buyers both in print and online advertising.  To assist with achieving the best result it is recommend that you follow our simple property preparation checklist.

Preparing your property for sale checklist:

  • Complete any outstanding maintenance/ repair work- the last thing you want is potential purchases distracted by what needs to be down and the money or time needed. 
  • De-clutter and detach - Your home shouldn’t be a personal refection of your family and those that live in the home, potential purchasers should be able to visualise themselves creating a home there. Reduce the number of family photos and personal effects.  
  • First impressions count – If you’re selling a free standing home, take advantage of your lawns and gardens to give that extra street appeal.  Potential home buyers are more likely to drive by the property prior to our between home inspections to get a feel.  It’s important that they look at the property and feel excited and even proud to potentially call the property “their home”.
  • Make sure your investment property looks like a real money maker - When selling an investment property its equally important that you show the property in its best possible light and not something that needs more money after sale to make it profitable.  When the property is already tenanted determine if it is smart to sell with the existing tenant or without.  It can be difficult to control a tenant’s presentation of a property for both photography and inspections.  In addition, if the property would greatly benefit with a refresh of new carpet and paint, it can be near impossible to have this work done with a tenant occupying.  On the flip side, a quality tenant already established in the home is a great security to investors and could in fact aid in achieving a greater selling price. Decisions like this should be reviewed on a case by case basis and its best to speak with the J R Hunt team to determine the best direction for the sale.