Guide to Renting

Top Tips for Renters

  1. When on the hunt for that new rental home, keep up-to-date with what’s available in your desired area and the current market pricing we strongly recommend regular visits to the popular real estate listing sites such as and  Not only are these sites kept updated regularly by the listing agents with all the important information on the properties (such as available dates, rental fee, photographs of property and open for inspection details), you can register with the sites completing a detailed list of all your search particulars so any new properties that fit your criteria are emailed directly to you as they hit the sites. We recommend including surrounding suburbs, your ideal new home could be only a fraction further away; you may save some valuable dollars or discover a great new area you didn’t know about.
  2. Be honest in your application for property. Property managers appreciate and are far more understanding of a person’s individual circumstances, far more than when they learn about a unapproved pet or additional occupants on their inspection.  If your circumstances change, contact you property manager and discuss.
  3. Complete your ingoing inspection report and return it within the first 7 days. Property managers will always do their best to be as detailed as possible on the ingoing inspection report however we are not perfect and things can be missed. To not only ensure you are not responsible for damages to property prior to your tenancy detail clearly particulars on the report for your property managers review.  For anything urgent needing repair such as stove not working, contact your agent immediately for repair to be carried out.
  4. Communicate with your property manager and repairs or maintenance that comes to your attention.  It important not only for you as the occupant to enjoy the property you are tenanting to its full potential but for the property manager to assist in the overall upkeep of the landlords asset.  Ideally, send your request in via email to your property manager so there is a formal record of your request along with as much detail of what requires action.  Neglected problems such as leaks can go from minor to serious and expensive over time so don’t leave them to be discovered at your next inspection.
  5. Be prepared for your periodic inspections.  Your property manager will send formal written notification regarding your forthcoming inspection detailing day and timing.  It is not uncommon for the landlord to attend with the agent on occasion so for all parties involved it’s in your best interest to make special effort to present the property as best you can.  A good property manager and landlord recognise the value of a quality tenant taking genuine care of their asset and should be taking this into consideration when reviewing rental increases throughout the tenancy. 
  6. Ensure rental is paid when due.  Chasing unpaid rent is part of a property managers role and we understand that on occasion a tenant may fall behind on rental.  We are human and appreciate that this can happen and as long as the rental due it bought up to date promptly and late rental payments does not become a regular issues. In turn appreciate that property investors have financial commitments too and rely on the rental income received to make mortgage payments, strata fees and repairs.
  7. Be conscious of your neighbours.  Property managers are time poor and dealing with complaints from neighbours or building strata’s is frustrating, time consuming, and does not reflect well on you as a tenant.  As a general rule, treat the property as if it where your own, become familiar with by-laws in strata properties and show common curtesy when it comes to parking, entertaining or disposing of rubbish. 
  8. Remember your tenancy history does impact your future rental opportunities.  No one has a crystal ball and those exciting plans to purchase your own property may not go to plan. When applying for a new property agents will contact your current or previous property manager for a thorough reference and copies of rental ledger.  To secure your next exciting home it’s always recommended that you don’t give reasons for a negative reference. 
  9. Your property manager is neither your Mother nor cleaner. When vacating, ensure the property is emptied completely and all rubbish is removed.  In the event that the property is not returned to the agency in the same condition as it was provided to you (taking into consideration fare wear and tear) or if rubbish has not been correctly disposed of and removed from property, your property manager may be forced make arrangements for cleaning/ rubbish collection that can be costly to you the tenant.

If you’re on the hunt for a rental property and haven’t yet found what you’re looking for, register your details on our website and we will do our very best to get you into your new rental home with J R Hunt Real Estate.